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A Trusted & Leading Exporter of First-Class Granites, Marbles, & Lime Stone.
Al Gabal is synonymous of a safe and efficient exportation of marble, granite and natural stones all over the world. The company produces and sells marble blocks, slabs and processed marble products, onyx, stones and travertine from all over the world, with a market which is both national and international. The exportation of the best marble, granite and natural stones from Egypt is possible thanks to an efficient sales network, which allows for a fast and perfect management of the orders received from all over the world.


Our Vision

 Continuous Pursuit of Beauty: Our vision centers on the ongoing quest for beauty, which inspires the creation of meticulously crafted products with exceptional technical quality.

 Commitment to Innovation: We are deeply committed to innovation, constantly seeking advanced solutions and new ideas to enhance our offerings.

 Guidance by Experience: Our path forward is steered by the experienced hands of seasoned professionals, ensuring skilled expertise in every aspect of our production.

Our Mission


We specialize in selecting and designing high-quality materials like marble, granite, and limestone.


Our focus is on providing top-notch coverings that exceed expectations.


We aim to realize your dreams with the best aesthetic and functional solutions.